MetaStock vs AmiBroker - Charting Software 2017 Full serial

Latest MetaStock software 2017 package includes charting functionality in various styles, 250 prebuilt technical indicators, scanning, filtering backtesting, line study drawing, forecasting, automated analysis, and custom indicator creation.

MetaStock includes nine core chart styles: bars, line, candlesticks, point & figure, kagi, renko, three-line break, equivolume and candlevolume. All charts in MetaStock can be customized with linestyles, colors, indicators, text, symbols, templates, and alerts.

Up to 100 charts can be displayed simultaneously. Charts can be resized and moved. Each chart supports indicators and trendline-based studies that are overlaid on the price bars or plotted in independent inner windows. Colors, fonts, and line thickness can be adjusted to personal preferences

MetaStock includes over 250 pre-defined indicators. In addition to the pre-defined indicators, users are able to create custom indicators using a spreadsheet-like formula language called the MetaStock Formula 

Designed for online traders, MetaStock charting software and global market data give you the tools to analyze stocks, forex, futures, options, eminis, more.trial
MetaStock is a global market analysis and charting software package for end of day and real-time traders of all levels.